1 I want to exhibit my products at Electrotech. What do I need to do?

We are always happy to welcome new members to the Electrotech family! All you need to do is fill out this registration form .

2 How soon before Electrotech starts do I need to register?

Registration for Electrotech opens six months before every round.

3 Will I be required to be at my booth throughout the exhibition?

Yes, please! Exhibitors are required to be present at their booths at 10 am everyday throughout all exhibition days. They also need to remain at their booths until 10 pm, when it is announced that the exhibition’s doors are closed. Remember, during that time, the booth and all the merchandise in it are the exhibitors’ sole responsibility. 

4 Are there sponsorship and advertising options available?

Yes, there are! Contact Electrotech Project Manager Hossam Hassan for further information.
Mobile:+20 1126709789
Email: Hossam.hassan@tareknour.com

5 Will there be electricity at my booth?

Of course! To provide you with the electricity requirements you specifically need, please make sure to inform the Electrotech team with all your requirements, including loads, plugs, etc. Our team will inform you with all the available options and their respective costs so you can choose the ones the suit you best.

6 Is Wi-Fi provided at the exhibition hall?

For now, Electrotech Egypt does not provide Wi-Fi connections to exhibitors so please make sure to set up your own connection if you need one. 

7 What are the prerequisites for us as exhibitors to be able to exhibit?

In order to be eligible for exhibition space at Electrotech, you need:

1.  To have an actual (physical) showroom and not only an online store.

2. To have a valid commercial registry and tax card.

3.  To have a track record of supplying good quality products.

4.  A valid and updated company profile.

5.  Approval of the Electrotech team on your booth design .


Disclaimer: Electrotech team may accept/decline exhibitors based on the selection policy in terms of product quality/offering and availability of space.

8 Who do I contact if I have any unanswered questions?

For any other inquiries or concerns, please email us at electrotechexpo@tareknour.com .